Will Ghost of Tsushima Win This Year's Game of the Year Award? There are Three Other Strong Contenders: What are They?

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It's almost the time of the year where gamers get to vote for their favorite game of the year in order for this game to win the Game of the Year Award! With the ongoing pandemic, the number of people who have finally taken up video games as a hobby and have started to become gamers themselves.

With the whole COVID-19 stopping most people from going out some time earlier this year, the whole gaming industry was able to benefit from the boredom that these people have been experiencing. Now, it's finally the time for gamers to come together and vote for their very own favorite video game.


Game of the Year Awards!

The Game Awards or @thegameawards recently released a Tweet asking people which game do they think should win the award. The previous year's winner was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and this year, it looks like there are four strong contenders.

Although Ghost of Tsushima has undeniably become one of the most interesting games this year, it is still unfair to say that it is definitely the best game of the year without first checking out the other games on the list.

Aside from Ghost of Tsushima, other games that have been gaining a lot of attention include Ori Will of the Wisps, The Last of Us Part II, and also, who could forget, Doom Eternal. These four games seem to be competing for the spot of the best game of the year.

From the whole list, it seems like Doom Eternal isn't really new in the game. In fact, Doom has been one of the most successful games way back in the past even before other high-end consoles and during the age of the early PC games.

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Classic or new school?

Most of the other games are more modern and provide a whole new experience to the field while Doom has actually been perfecting what already works brilliantly for them. Of course, with a few additions that make the game seem like a completely new game itself.

If you're a fan of the newer games, there would be no surprise that you would actually pick a game like The Last of Us II or maybe even Ghost of Tsushima over a more classic game just like Doom Eternal.

The whole schematics of this year's Game of the Year Award have changed due to the addition of even more gamers this year with different preferences who haven't really been following the whole gaming lifestyle.

This diversification makes this year's Game of the Year Awards even more unpredictable. Will old school gamers dominate the voting this year or will new ones dominate? What games would be preferred by those veteran gamers in comparison to those new to gaming? What game will finally win the title of the Game of the Year.

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