[Warning] Popular Baby Sleeping Bags Sold Online Failing to Meet Safety Standards Could Kill Children, Finds Research

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A new consumer watchdog investigation finds out that baby sleeping bags that are sold online marketplaces as well as the popular High Street stores have been discovered to actually fail certain safety tests that could be fatal to a child.

Research by Which? warns Britain parents about the potential danger showing that a baby sleeping bag could really pose a very serious safety risk that could actually cause children to suffocate, choke, or overheat.

The particular consumer champion found out that a shocking 12 out of 15 baby sleeping bags that are bought from marketplaces, including high street stores and also online from leading brands, definitely failed to pass certain safety tests.

The alarming discovery

About all nine of the sleeping bags coming from popular online marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, eBay, and even Wish turned out to fail at least a single Which?'s test. This goes to show that they really do pose some major safety risks to the babies' lives. This also makes the sites selling these products now quite questionable.

The alternatives suggested in the report mentioned the traditional cot blankets since they have proven to prevent the faces of babies from accidentally becoming covered overnight which saves them from the possibility of suffocation.

In additional discovery, Which? found three different sleeping bags include one purchased from Wish, one from AliExpress, and also one from the boutique retailer known as Jojo Maman Bebe, turned out to have a wider neck than the age it was advertising. Overly wide neck openings could potentially lead to the baby actually slipping down way into the bag and thus suffocating.

Famous brands not excempted

One sleeping bag that was purchased from AliExpress showed certain chocking risks when Which?'s testing found out that the button located inside the hood could actually be easily pulled off. The bag also did not come with needed safety instructions.

A certain fox-themed baby sleeping bag that was sold on Wish has raised concerns due to the tog level that exceeded the current upper recommended level by at least 26%, which could potentially cause overheating for the baby. There were still no safety instructions.

Sleeping bag from Etsy also failed this test due to a lack of mentioning the right height and age the bag is designed for. It is very important that certain baby products are actually being used for the perfect age group, especially those sleeping bags since these products could potentially endanger infants should they be too big.

A sleeping bag being sold on eBay previously failed the testing due to its loose, long, and also free-hanging labels or rather threads that could actually catch on certain fingers of these small babies as they could want to move about potentially leading towards strangulation. There were still no safety instructions included.

A video by Which? was released on YouTube showing what is the actual harm and threats that buying unsafe baby sleeping bags pose. Legally, marketplaces are actually not obliged to check the safety of their products. According to the video, you should make sure that the products you buy contain certification.

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