Warning: Microsoft Said Your Pre-Ordered Xbox Series X Might Not Arrive on Nov 10 Itself: Here's Why

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Oh no, Microsoft has just recently sent certain emails to the people who have excitingly preordered the upcoming Xbox Series X, warning their buyers that come Friday, the upcoming gaming console might not actually arrive by that very day. The known $500 console is said to be shipped out on November 10 along with the more affordable $300 Xbox Series S.

According to Microsoft's own email, they have been contacting people about the Xbox Series X that they have ordered and wanted to notify people in advance that they might not actually be able to receive the item on the exact day that it will be released due to the high demand.

Microsoft's plans to supply the Xbox Series X

Microsoft then follow ups by saying that they are definitely making every single effort with the whole supplier in order to procure additional inventory. It was said that they will also provide additional updates when the whole information becomes available.

The exciting Xbox Series X might be off to a rocky start but this is quite understood with the ongoing pandemic affecting manufacturing back then and the increasing demand only getting bigger and bigger every day.

Just recently, it was reported that the Xbox One X sales went up remarkably as people actually confused this with the upcoming Xbox Series X. Unlike PlayStation that uses a simple number 1, 2 ,3 4, and now 5, Xbox uses different coding like the Xbox, Xbox 360 (including the S and E), Xbox One (including the S and X, and the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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The popular confusion

The confusion has resulted in a surge of sales for the Xbox One while the preorders were sold out again and again after every restock. Just like the PlayStation 5, the competition of even getting a simple pre-order has become extremely fierce. This is one of the big problems that gamers are experiencing, they are even having a hard time securing their own preorder.

The consoles' release in November will truly mark another new milestone for gamers as the new console would mean better gameplay, upgraded graphics, and better games in general. Currently, we know that the Cyberpunk 2077 is said to launch as well some time soon. The long-awaited game has been pushed back even further due to the ongoing pandemic as well as other reasons.

The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S delay won't be too long. This means that the push back will only be a couple of days depending on your location and how Microsoft plans to disseminate the upcoming consoles to their customers. The best thing to do right now is to wait and review what games you would want to buy on the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S when it finally comes to town.

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