[VIRAL] YouTubers Play 'Among Us' in 'Minecraft'? Slogoman, Jelly, and Crainer

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The popular "Among Us" game has turned into a craze as the game has unexpectedly become one of THE games for the year with many popular YouTubers and even actors trying the game out. Even Congresswoman AOC decided to join in on the fun and play "Among Us" with a few professional YouTubers.

AOC was able to peak at 430,000 viewers on Twitch, according to an article CNBC,  by playing "Among Us" while one of the most popular gamers, Ninja, was only to peak at 93,000 during his return to Twitch. The significance of the game is found not only in the unexpected way to play the game, but also the simplicity of the game as it can easily be picked up even by inexperienced gamers.

A few YouTubers decided to play "Among Us" in "Minecraft"

There have been a lot of people trying to take the game to a whole new level even by playing the game in real life! Another group of players decided to take the game concept and play it on another game. Imagine what would happen if gamers played "Among Us" on "Minecraft"!

The YouTuber Crainer along with other popular YouTube gamers Slogoman and Jelly have decided to team up and play the popular "Among Us" within "Minecraft". To do so, they had to modify the game to make it as close to "Among Us" as possible.

How the "Minecraft" game was constructed to achieve the "Among Us" theme

In order to do so, they first had to build an environment that closely matched that of "Among Us" and for professional "Minecraft" players, doing so won't be too hard. The whole ship was imitated in the best way possible in order to give a more realistic feel to the whole game.

Aside from this, the "Minecraft" characters were also designed to look exactly like "Among Us" characters! The game followed the same dynamics with players trying to finish their tasks and not be killed by the impostor. The impostor, of course, looked exactly like the other characters making the game more challenging.

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The game was played as close to the original game as possible

Just like in the original game, the goal of the players is to finish their goals while the goal of the impostor is to kill the other players remaining unsuspected by giving excellent excuses as to where they actually were, what they did, and whatever explanation they could come up with in order to convince the players that they aren't the impostor.

The popular game has been big with a lot of people both gamers and non-gamers as the way "Among Us" was designed did not actually require a lot of in-game skill but rather a better deception and deduction skill. The goal of the game is to win the arguments and have the other players follow you.

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