[VIRAL] Top Sydney Lawyer Defends His Lambo's 'Offensive' Plate Number: 'It's Humorous'

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Who would have guessed that a car's plate number could be offensive? Sydney's top lawyer got himself in trouble because of his Lambo's plate number, which reads "LGOPNR." 

An 'Offensive' Lambo Plate Number Got This Lawyer in Trouble; He Claims It's Meant to be Funny

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Peter Lavac, a Sydney-based barrister, said that he thought most people would never decipher his car's plate number and realize that it was saying "leg opener." According to the Online Slang Dictionary, the phrase points out to a thing that could make a woman attracted to you on certain levels.

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However, Lavac was unlucky since the Transport NSW noticed the plate number and called him to remove the offensive Lambo identification code.

"Tough s***," said Mr. Lavac via The Sunday Telegraph.

Ava Benny-Morrison, a Sunday Telegraph crime reporter, posted a tweet about the lawyer's violation.

"Lambo lawyer's last laugh over 'leg opener' license plate. Local court challenge turns into a battle for free speech for colorful barrister Peter Lavac," she captioned.

Lambo lawyer's last laugh over ‘leg opener’ licence plate. Local court challenge turns into a battle for free speech for colourful barrister Peter Lavac https://t.co/sqlryJCUiE — Ava Benny-Morrison (@avabmorrison) September 19, 2020

However, some users defended Lavac. One of the users commented on Morrison's post, saying that there are people offended by the VINs; she should also post it.

Another one said that the plate number made him laugh.

Lavac's defense on the accusation

Transport NSW gave the lawyer 18 days to change his plate number because it could be considered offensive and should be turned over. Lavac challenges the company's accusation in his court on Sept. 1, to defend his right to keep the number plate. 

An 'Offensive' Lambo Plate Number Got This Lawyer in Trouble; He Claims It's Meant to be Funny

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He said that he resents anyone who tries to violate his freedom of speech and expression. The former Hong Kong crown prosecutor added that it was meant to be "tongue-in-cheek," funny, entertaining, and humorous. He claimed that's how most individuals also find the plate number funny when the phrase's meaning is explained to them. 

Luckily, the Transport NSW did not continue their accusation. Lavac concluded that the company backed down because they used an outdated section of the law. 

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