[VIDEO] Tesla Plaid S Battery Day Run Beats Randy Pobst's McLaren P1 Laguna Seca Record

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Tesla officially launched its new Model S Plaid, the Model S' top performance version, completing the Laguna Seca at 1:30.3 during the Battery Day on September 22.

The driver at the Laguna Seca run was YouTuber Sebastian Vittel who is an experienced performance driver, but not the Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel. He released a video of his record lap behind the wheel of Tesla's new Model S tri-motor Plaid prototype on September 23 on his YouTube channel.

Tesla MODEL S PLAID 1100HP record lap Laguna SECA!

(Photo : sebastian vittel/YouTube)
Tesla MODEL S PLAID 1100HP record lap Laguna SECA!

In the video, the vehicle reached the top speed at 147 kWh in the first three seconds then easily completing the lap within 1:30.3. This is almost 7 seconds faster than its 2019 record of 1:36.55, which was toppled by Lucid's electric sedan earlier this month at 1:33.

Vittel's latest record version of the Model S Plaid prototype was quite a feat as it was even faster than Randy Pobst's Laguna Seca run with his McLaren P1 while it goes at par with million dollar supercars such as the McLaren Senna (P15) or Porsche 918 Spyder.

The best part is Tesla Model S Plaid's price only starts at $139,990, although it may a year to get behind the driver seat as deliveries will start in 2021. However, with potential savings, price could go down to just $134,490.

This vehicle will be a preview of what Tesla's new battery cell can give in terms of high performance, although CEO Elon Musk said they could still improve the time before the delivery. If the automaker makes further refinements and reduce perhaps another three seconds, it would make the Model S Plaid the fastest production car.

Meanwhile, aside from the speed, Tesla website already released the car's specs, which were originally announced for its new Roadster, but in a bigger form and at half the price.

Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive Quickest 0-60 mph and quarter-mile acceleration of any production car ever Acceleration from 0-60 mph: <2.0 s Quarter mile: <9.0 s

What changed with the car to achieve the time?

With seven second less since the first Laguna Seca run of the new Model S Plaid, some enthusiasts think Tesla used a stripped-down interior to achieve such a record.

Tesla Model S Plaid

(Photo : Tesla)
Tesla Model S Plaid

However, Vittel said the automaker only replaced the seat with a bucket seat to ensure his safety while the tires may be the same ones that will be used for the production version. Vittel revealed the automaker used Michelin sport cup 2 with specific gum, which is highly comparable to Cup 2 R tire. 

Meanwhile, as Tesla Model S has a strong hold in the automaker's electric vehicle line-up, Tesla continuously enhances the model to offer something new. Well, perhaps the Plaid edition is the ultimate upgrade for Model S.

The Plaid is the most powerful variant of the Model S, which can make up to 1,100 Horsepowers at a top speed of 200 miles per hour. The car can switch from 0 to 60 MPH in less than two seconds while its range can reach 520 miles.

The difference can also be immediately seen and felt by who is behind the wheel the driver, but it will still take a year to hear it from new owners.

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