Ubisoft's 'Watch Dogs: Legion': How to Unlock Skilled Operatives PLUS Locations Guide

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Ubisoft's latest "Watch Dogs: Legion" is the hottest release from the developers that continues the game's franchise about the hackers and underground world of crime and corruption. The title's latest release features a new unique attribute for players to utilize called the "Skilled Operatives," to help each gamer with assistive traits accomplish the mission.

"Watch Dogs" is a 2014 action-adventure game that grossed the charts and won gamers' favors with its new story and concept that mainly revolves around hacking and criminal antics to do good deeds. The game became a fan-favorite that spun a franchise with its second release in 2016, and its latest, "Watch Dogs: Legion," recently launched this week.

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How to Unlock 'Skilled Operatives' and Choose Wisely


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Skilled Operative: Meaning

It is essential to know what a "Skilled Operative" offers to the main character to balance the team and create efficient gameplay for the storyline and the player. This NPC could make or break the team, so it is imperative to choose wisely and determine who would be a good addition. 

'Watch Dogs: Legion's' Skilled Operatives: Skills and Locations 

According to Game Pur, each NPC can be found in different cities in the game and correspond to other skills and tactics to help the player complete the mission. 

Anarchist - Southwark

"The Anarchist" operative is a character that can deploy rowdy tactics, perfect to disperse the crowd and distract authorities. The character can be unlocked and found in the Southwark area on the game's map. The character holds one of the most challenging ways to unlock and add to the team. He also brings several items, such as smoke grenades and other specialized abilities.

How to Unlock:

Digital Deface Hack CtOS Hub Photo Evidence Sabotage

Beekeeper - London

"The Beekeper" is one excellent NPC to utilize when infiltrating a heavily guarded location in the game. This NPC can summon swarms of bees to hurt and chase away security. The character is available in the City of London with activities to perform before unlocking. 

How to Unlock: 

Hack CtOS Hub Photo Evidence Sabotage

Drone Expert - Lambeth

For missions that need aerial and long shots, "Drone Experts" would come in handy and essential. The character would be unlocked by accomplishing the following activities.

How to Unlock:

Digital Deface Photo Evidence Stop a Propaganda

Football Hooligan - Islington and Hackey

"Football Holligan" can recruit fellow muscles to join and storm a specific place and assist players in combat. The player can be unlocked in Islington and Hackey through the following tasks.

How to Unlock:

Counteract a VIP Gather Evidence Sabotage

Getaway Driver - Tower Hamlets

The character's name speaks for itself. Breaking out of places and attempting a quick getaway with a skilled driver would be handy when escaping authorities. The character is available in the Tower Hamlets area.

How to Unlock:

Collect Evidence Counteract a VIP Rescue a Freedom Fighter

Hacker - Camden

"The Hacker" would be the first "Skilled Operative" NPC available on the game and could be found in the Camden area. The fellow hacker could speed things up.

How to Unlock: The NPC would be part of the game's progression as players do the "Light a Spark" mission.  

Professional Hitman - Nine Elms

Controlling the mission from afar would help in faster completion and not worrying about one's back. The hitman would be the "eyes" that would protect players despite not joining the ground team. 

How to Unlock

Counteract a VIP Photo Evidence Sabotage

'The Spy' - Westminster

"The Spy" would help in discovering new data and targets for a mission. The character can be unlocked in the Westminster area.

How to Unlock:

Rescue a Freedom Fighter Stop Propaganda (Twice)

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