Top 10 Tech Skills to Include in Your CVs to Stand Out in the IT Market

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Currently, companies use tracking systems in initially scan applicants' skills in their resumes. These skills should be tailored and highlighted based on the job description and must include relevant and proper keywords. Otherwise, there is a great chance they will not cut the interview.

However, since every job is different, there is no specific set of keywords to include in your CV. Here are some tips on what to write on your resume and skills to highlight when applying for IT jobs.

Top Must-Have Tech Skills to Include in Your CVs to Stand Out in the IT Market

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Top Must-Have Tech Skills to Include in Your CVs to Stand Out in the IT Market

Technical support

The technical support teams are front liners for staff or customer issues, and they provide help on any specific product or service-related concerns. Since this is a more customer-facing job, it requires more customer service skills and at least basic programming skills. People applying for this job must include the following skills:

Customer service Oral communication Written communication Basic programming Call center Support tickets Product knowledge Windows/Mac NoSQL Linux/Unix

Executive IT leadership

Executives working in information technology often have technical role backgrounds like cybersecurity or software development. This position requires the lowest amount of technical skills, while applicants should highlight their leadership and management skills over their coding ability. To get an IT executive job, consider writing these skills on your resume:

Leadership Innovation Collaboration Network security Budgeting SEO/SEM Database management Programming languages Mobile development Creativity

Software development

When applying for software development, technical skills should focus on your resume because employers will be eager to know the level of expertise you have. Software developers require the highest level of technical skills since software they are hands-on. Check out the following skills and make sure to include them in your papers:

iOS developer Android developer C++ Quality assurance PHP WordPress JavaScript Agile HTML Scrum

IT project management

Project managers for information technology are responsible for meeting deadlines and achieving the goals of a certain project. They sit between business and technical teams, and in an IT setting, project managers work with software developers to achieve the company's goals.

A successful IT project manager should have a combination of upper management and developer skills. When eyeing for project management posts, make sure to include these 10 common CV skills:

Leadership Project planning Scheduling Budgeting Communication Technical acumen Scrum Risk management Agile Quality control


Cybersecurity professionals are not physically strong men guarding the entrance of a facility. Instead, they maintain digital security at all times while reducing cyber threats.

Cybersecurity jobs professionals require high technical knowledge levels and certifications. They should be able to think like a hacker to intercept malicious attacks before they occur. Include these skills on your CV when applying for cybersecurity:

Malware analysis CISM certification CISSP certification Risk analysis Programming Intrusion detection Cloud security Ethical hacking Security analysis IP setup

Skills to highlight when applying for IT jobs

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Skills to highlight when applying for IT jobs

Where to add these skills in your CV?

You may choose to add these skills in the "Areas of Expertise" or "Professional Experience" sections, although other people name this section as "Technical Skills," "Key Skills," or "Areas of Excellence." Regardless, what you call it, what matters are the skills you include in the list.

Hiring managers or tracking systems can quickly screen your CV by merely looking for a specific skill set. The best thing to do is to understand each job description and highlight specific skills or keywords indicated in the job description. By just tweaking your CV a bit, you will indeed have more IT interviews scheduled.

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