The PS5 Pre Order Has Just Sold Out! Here's Where To Order Besides Walmart

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The pre orders for the upcoming Sony PlayStation have sold just moments after its announcement some time last night but luckily, Walmart has announced that it will be adding a new batch come 9PM EST tonight! These as well might sell out immediately so you better order yourself one as soon as possible!

The PlayStation came out with much anticipation and although a lot of people were skeptical about what Sony would do next, once the design was revealed, the world almost immediately hopped on the hype to get themselves their own PlayStation!

The starting price point

The Sony PlayStation 5 is said to start at a price of $399.99 and although this might be quite a lot for a video game console, it seems like gamers are still pretty much willing to spend this amount of money on the upcoming next-generation gaming console.

The thing about this PlayStation 5 is they are selling out almost as fast as the previous PlayStation 1 did and this is quite a phenomenal site! Except this time, people don't have to wait in life for hours and hours to get their hands on a console. No! All they have to do is go online and pre order.

How to pre order the PlayStation 5

The thing about the pre-order is, it has also been wiped out! Imagine that? Even the pre-order, before the purchase itself, is hard to get! Reserving your own PlayStation 5 is hard but here's a way for you to get one.

Well, first of all, you'll have to be updated on Walmart since they are going to be selling more at 9PM EST. There is still no definitive amount of how many PS5s will be in stock but you might still want to move fast. There still seems to be a lot of people fighting for a spot to buy this console when it comes out.

Oh yeah, Walmart is not the only retailer that is allowing pre orders, it helps to get notifications from Amazon, GameStop, Target, and even Sam's Club since all of these are official retailers. If you haven't shopped at these places before, it's really easy to check every once in a while. Be updated!

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The price difference

Although unconfirmed, there is a bigger chance of you getting the standard edition in comparison to the digital edition just because of the price difference. The digital edition will start at about $399.99 while the standard edition will be sold for $499.99. The $100 has already deterred some buyers as they weren't planning on buying physical discs anyway.

When retailers stack up on the PlayStation 5, most people might potentially go straight to the cheaper alternative and if you want a shot right away, maybe you'll have to spend that extra $100 just to get one of your own.


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