Sputnik V COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Irregular Results—Expert Warns Side Effects Showing Consistently on Patients; Russia Denies 'Inaccurate'Claims

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The world's first Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 vaccine was brought by Russia and shown to the world as early as August this year, less than six months after the outbreak, and is now on its final stages of human trials. However, medical experts from The Lancet, believes that several anomalies and side effects are present in Sputnik V, and is not a mere coincidence, rather a recurring threat to the lives and safety of the vaccine.

Medical experts, scientists, and leading doctors investigate Sputnik V, Russia's leading development vaccine and the first in the world, who received massive backlashes and questioning regarding its effectivity and safety to administer to the public.


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The Lancet, a medical journal based in the United Kingdom, speculates on the results of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine, particularly on its effects on the human body when administered. Recently, the medical journal, headed by leading scientists and researchers published an expose and in-depth study regarding Russia's COVID-19 vaccine.

The published report went towards the negative side, disfavorable of the Russian-made vaccine that is backed by its government and President, Vladimir Putin. Russia's vaccine was addressed as the first and 'best' vaccine against COVID-19, once it surpasses the testing phase according to Russians.

Now, the debate against and for the vaccine led by medical experts from the field and Russia's vaccine developers are still on-going with neither side upholding their claims. The report by medical experts from The Lancet heavily questions the occurring side effects seen during the human trial reports; while Russia denies the accusations.

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Medical Experts vs Russian Experts-Who is right?


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The biggest question right now is the actual effectivity of the Russian COVID-19 Vaccine, Sputnik V, and the effects it brings to certain people that receive it. The public's health once the vaccine sees distribution is the primary concern for medical experts in The Lancet, that Russia claims to be safe and effective.

According to Daily Mail, Moscow's top scientist and co-developer of the vaccine, Dr Denis Logunov, denies all the claims against Sputnik V. Upholding the country and its scientists' integrity in creating the vaccine. Logunov even went as far as saying that The Lancet's statistical data on their vaccine is inaccurate.

This statement will give the public a massive dilemma on who to believe, as The Lancet claims otherwise, saying that there are pressing concerns regarding the vaccine that are not mere coincidences. The irregularities found on Sputnik V raises several pressing matters that may inadvertently cause harmful side effects.

With the debate and different claims from both sides, the public now experiences issues on who to believe and claim as the ones that concern the best interests of the people.

Sputnik V vs Developing Vaccines

While Sputnik V being the first in the vaccine race, several biotech and pharmaceutical companies are also in the third phase of the vaccine development. Leading are the three privately-owned pharmaceutical companies, ModernaAstraZeneca, and Pfizer, who all aims to bring the promising vaccine to ward of the coronavirus.

All three companies are at their respective third phase of human trials which tests the effectivity of increasing a person's immunity against the Novel Coronavirus. COVID-19 vaccines will soon be available to the world, with early 2021 being the earliest for the mass distribution.

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