'Spelunky 2' Shortcuts Guide: Here's Every Item You Need to Save to Open All Tunnels

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Fans of 2008's Spelunky are definitely in for a new round of fun and dying hilariously as Spelunky 2 is now out on PlayStation 4, and staying true to the original game, the sequel remains as the 2D platform game we all loved.

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Spelunky 2 is the sequel to the 2008 2D platform game.\

Spelunky 2 Shortcuts

With games, these days such as Fall Guys, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and more, Spelunky 2 is as brutally challenging and action-packed as these new games, so it's perfect for anyone who wants to spend the weekend grinding their teeth and getting nearly frustrated from having to re-do almost every level just to beat the game.

Fortunately, there are shortcuts in the game that allow you to skip through levels, according to RPS, but if you have completed enough of the game and have met Mama Tunnel or Terra.

She will be there waiting for you once you complete a world.

Nevertheless, you still have to complete specific requirements to unlock the shortcuts, which may mean holding on to some items from the beginning.

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First Shortcut

Based on the gaming news outlet's guide, there are three shortcuts, and the first one appears after you have beaten 1-4 in Adventure mode when you'll see Mama Tunnel waiting with a smile with her shovel.

She'll be asking you to help her create her shortcut, and you can do that by getting the sources she needs, which are the following:

$2000 cash 1 bomb $10,000 cash

Remember, you'll have to bring the resources she needs on three separate runs.

Once you have everything she needs, the shortcut will be opened on the left-hand side of the Adventurer's hub area and go through it to skip the level and avoid failing every two seconds.

Second Shortcut

The next shortcut will open after you've beaten 3-1, and again, you'll have three runs to bring Mama Tunnel whatever she needs, which, in this case, is the following:

1 rope A weapon A mount (turkey, rock dog, axolotl, and more)

Third Shortcut

The last shortcut can be opened after beating 5-1 in Adventure mode by bringing Mama Tunnel the following:

$50,000 cash Hired Hand (can be acquired from coffins or shops) Gold key

For this shortcut, you need to ensure you never lose the Gold Key, which you can obtain in world one and carry it to the final shortcut, as well as the Hired Hand, which could be a little challenging as you need to keep it alive to bring it to the final Mama Tunnel shortcut.

Beginner Tips

Spelunky 2 might look tame as a platform game, but it can be a frustratingly tough challenge, especially if you're not familiar with such games.

That is why GameSpot has added some tips for beginners, such as avoiding fights, hold onto objects, especially vases that you can pick up and throw to set off traps, bringing your pet with you at all times for an extra life at the end of each stage, and more.

Oh, and you can also mount the turkeys and the other animals you encounter, which is useful for your journey.

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