'Space Hero' Reality Show: Here's Your Chance to Travel and Live in Space and ISS for 10 Days on 2023!

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A United States-based production will soon launch a new reality television show called, Space Hero, that will send its sole civilian winner to join the 2023 launch headed for the International Space Station aboard SpaceX's Crew Dragon. Civilians are now given a chance to take part, compete, and qualify for cosmic travel in 2023.

'Space Hero, Inc.' is the tentative name of the show and also the production company's designation who are now in the works of formulating, screening and preparing itself for one of the biggest reality TV show that is out-of-this-world. The production company shares its dreams to the worthy civilian who will join the show and ultimately win the 2023 trip to the International Space Station (ISS).


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Deadline's report initially featured all the initial details and talked about the show. The company is the brainchild of founders Thomas Reemer and Deborah Sass, along with Former News Corp Europe chief, Marty Pompadur, to lead the show. The show called 'Space Hero' will be in partnership with Propagate's Ben Silverman and Howard Owens, who will produce reality TV.

The show will search for the lucky participants who will be worthy enough to compete for a spot with NASA's leading astronauts who will grace the skies and travel towards the International Space Station bound for 2023. This is considered to be one of the most significant prices to be awarded on National Television.

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Space Hero Reality TV's Grand Prize aboard SpaceX's Dragon


(Photo : NASA)

The upcoming reality TV show, Space Hero, will take advantage of and utilize SpaceX's Dragon that aims to bring cargo and civilians to space. Elon Musk's promise of bringing a massive number of humans to and from space may first be graced by the winner of the reality TV show.

Space Hero will be a physical, mental, and emotional test of a person's qualities, monitored under close surveillance to determine their readiness and worthiness to join NASA's top-class astronauts who are sent in space for a mission. The 10-day trip to the ISS will be the prize given to the person who'll persevere, survive, and stand-out among the selected contestants who will fight to prepare themselves for a slot in the Dragon.

Propagate and Space Hero, Inc.'s, the reality show will also follow the winner on his or her journey to the International Space Station for ten days and the eventual return to the planet. The company is now on the works with NASA for a potential partnership on STEM initiatives aboard the ISS.

Space Hero, Inc., is the first space media company who will work alongside Axiom Space, the private space company who created its first privately-owned and funded space station.

SpaceX Dragon, Axiom Space, and ISS: Winner will be Historic

The winner of the Space Hero, reality TV show would join and see the astronaut's life and their orbit around the Earth 16 times a day while travelling at 17,000 miles per hour. The winner would unite the efforts of the company and various space company's partnership with the likes of SpaceX, Axiom Space, and NASA.

This show will be a culmination of the hard work of the said companies who are paving the way for the possibility of human travel among the cosmic bodies. Space Hero is also looking recruiting for its 'Insider Program' that will require the public to answer a questionnaire.

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