Sony's New PlayStation App Allows Players to Buy Games, Log in, and More Without Having to Grab the Controller

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With the upcoming PlayStation 5 launching just about two more weeks away, Sony has recently unveiled the new redesign for the said PlayStation App on both Android and iOS on its official PlayStation blog.

The new PlayStation app will be jampacked with a number of useful features

The much earlier adopters of the known console will be able to remotely launch certain games, to sign in directly to their own PS5 right away with the use of the app alone. The said app will even allow players to manage the PlayStation 5's storage just in case more room is needed in order for a brand new game to be installed.

Previously, the said PlayStation App update would allow players to download games on the known PS4, but now, the app successfully allows players to both download as well as launch games! This is also paired with the ability to manage storage on the PS5, according to The Verge.

Sony's announcement regarding the PlayStation app new version and how it's better

According to Sony's official blog post, it kind of looks like the PS5 owners will be able to experience a lot more freedom to be able to manage all of their consoles even without directly interacting with it. It was also reportedly such a pain to continually have to shuffle around back and forth between both the previous PlayStation app as well as the PS4 in order to simply take advantage of the said features that Sony aims to provide.

In theory, the brand new PlayStation App could actually allow players to buy a digital game, free up the storage space, and even launch the hardware itself. This also helps the user make sure that the software is still up to date and can all be done even before actually grabbing the DualSense controller and continue to start playing.

What is even better is that the brand new update actually allows players to send a message to their friends, to voice chat, and even to create party groups directly on the given PlayStation app. This means that if players were just preparing to play a game of Call of Duty or even Dead by Daylight along with friends, it could easily be set up using the phone app.

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The app gets a new lift as well. Cleaner looking?

The app is also said to add a completely new UI that in return also completely overhauls the given home screen, and, as is shown in the images, it actually appears much cleaner now. It was also said that the update actually makes the given app a whole lot more organized in comparison to before.

Ever since Sony is integrating its own messaging system, there's no longer a need to separate the given PS messaging app. In fact, the PS Messages will actually no longer be available to use, but any of the existing messages as well as threads from this apparently discontinued app will then be carried over straight into the brand new PS App update.


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