Singapore To Give Free Apple Watch and iPhone App to Those Who Can Hit Health Goals

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Singapore is encouraging its people to stay healthy and had come up with an idea. For those residents who can hit health goals and participate in public health activities fit, the government will reward them with an Apple Watch and the new iPhone app called LumiHealth.  

If You Keep Your Healthy Habits, Singapore Will Reward You With an Apple Watch; Could This Help During Pandemic?

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If You Keep Your Healthy Habits, Singapore Will Reward You With an Apple Watch; Could This Help During Pandemic?

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Currently, the Singapore government is working with Apple to keep the city-state's people healthy during the ongoing pandemic caused by COVID-19. CEO Tim Cook briefly introduced the country's new wellness initiative during a virtual launch event on Tuesday, Sept. 15. 

Once the residents receive the Apple Watch and iPhone app, they could now participate in the national health initiative. They could earn around $280 worth of prizes by doing healthy activities such as yoga, meditation, and swimming.  

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Singapore's two-year health program is built around the Apple Watch and an iPhone app called LumiHealth, which provides users with a personalized wellness program. Apple said that the LumiHealth initiative is the first of its kind, which was created since a national government offers its people financial rewards for adopting healthy habits for the last two years.

Other goals of LumiHealth program

LumiHealth not only helps people achieve fitness goals, but it also encourages them to improve sleep habits, makes better food choices, and get involved in public health activities. It will also enable the residents to get a coronavirus vaccine once the drug becomes available.

If You Keep Your Healthy Habits, Singapore Will Reward You With an Apple Watch; Could This Help During Pandemic?

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An Apple Store employee shows the new Series 5 Apple Watch during the preview of the redesigned and reimagined Apple Fifth Avenue store in New York, U.S., September 19, 2019.

"Even as all of us around the world are dealing with the challenges of COVID-19, we must keep investing in our future," said Heng Swee Keat, the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore.

"This partnership between Singapore and Apple will enable Singaporeans to lead healthier lives, but equally important, it will contribute valuable insights to improving the health of people all over the world," added Keat.

If you're worried about your security, Apple and Singapore emphasized that the app was designed with user privacy and security at its core. This means that all your data will be securely stored and encrypted. The app will not share your information for marketing purposes.

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