Pokemon GO Porygon Box Review: Should You Spend 1280 PokeCoins on It?

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The Porygon Community Day has just officially ended in multiple time zones. This leaves certain Pokemon GO trainers left to wonder if the known event's paid box along with research tickets were actually with the price. Here's a breakdown regarding the recent Pokemon Go Porygon-centric event.

Pokemon GO Community Day Box

The known Pokemon GO Community Day Box, according to an article by Bleeding Cool, was not really worth the price of 1280 PokeCoins. According to the article, the Elite Charged TMs are actually generally seen as much more valuable in comparison to the Elite Fast TMs.

This is also especially since there are only a few rounds of the boxes along with GO Battle League rewards that have been given just a few of these. Once a certain trainer has both the Smack Down Tyranitar and the Thunder Shock Zapdos, there's actually a limit to just how many Elite Fast TMs they are going to eventually want.

Was it worth it?

With such a small additional reward that includes just three incense, thirty Ultra Balls, and only six Lucky Eggs, it's pretty clear that the price of 1280 PokeCoins for this single box is "just the right price" of the known Elite Fast TM. This then makes the whole Community Day Box for september allegedly the very worst in-game deal that this shop has got to offer.

On the other hand, the known Decoding Porygon research for a price of a single dollar was actually well worth its initial asking price. The abundance of Rocket Radar, Stardust, Porygon encounters with an IV floor, all of the Evolutionary items needed for the day, and three Incense, the  research was actually priced three times the worth of the known Pokemon GO Community Day Box.

As far as the whole event itself, the Porygon Community Day was such a blast. The Community Days in general is powerfully seeing people come from all ages in order to unite them over the game some time every month.

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What we know about Porygon

Porygon actually seemed to get a bigger quantity of people out there in comparison to the last few Community Days, as it was actually not only a new addition "Shiny" just like what happened with last month's very own disappointing Magikarp Day.

As far as the Porygon's own moveset, the new special Community Day exclusive move known as the Tri Attack is definitely perfect for certain PVP players who love to enjoy the GO Battle League.

This move has definitely had a strong chance to in turn decrease the total Defense and Attack of certain opponents. Niantic has recently buffed those chances up to 50% every attack. The moves this current year have actually been very focused on the whole PVP concept.

This makes sense considering the mere focus on GO Battle League this current year, but it would definitely be helpful and also fair to actually see the future Community Days show a good amount of love towards the raiders as well.

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