Pentagon Plans to Make a Supersonic Air Force One Presidential Jet Capable of Flying 2x Faster than Sound!

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The Pentagon recently commissioned a brand new prototype of a particular supersonic Air Force One that could actually one day be capable of bringing the president from one place to another around the world at nearly twice as fast as the speed of sound reaching its destination just half of the current travel time required.

The Air Force has already awarded a whole 24-month, $1 million contract towards Exosonic, a particular start-up aerospace company that is currently developing a sort of passenger aircraft that is capable of flying at Match 1.8 speeds that go supersonically overland and overwater capable of a muted sonic boom, according to the company's very own website.

The contract was previously announced back on Monday by nonother than the Air Force's both Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate.

Aircraft capable of flying at Mach 1.8

The speed of being able to fly at Mach 1.8 means that the jet plane should be capable of reaching a speed of 1,380 mph! Exosonic will also be tasked with a reimaging of the new presidential plane that has to be able to factor in certain variables that include power, dimensions, weight, the cabin layout, and the communication systems. This is what the Air Force Material Command said to

According to the Exosonic CEO known as Norris Tie, by being able to utilize Exosonic's very own boom softening techniques, they will be able to travel both overland and underland at supersonic speeds all of which are pending regulations. This makes them possible of roughly reducing their total cruise time up to half in comparison to the existing aircraft.

It was also stated that the future for global rapid passenger transportation is in low-boom supersonic flight. The low-boom gives travellers the chance to fly at certain supersonic speeds without actually generating disruptive booms for those who are left on the ground.

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Exosonic win on the Air Force One

Exosonic is very excited to win the contract as this actually represents not just commercial but even government promise for the future of low-boom supersonic travel. Air Force One uses the highly customized next-level Boeing 747-200B series aircraft that is commonly described as a sort of three-level "flying Oval Office".

The Boeing 747-200B is actually one of the fastest planes in the whole world right now. The plane is capable of going at a top speed of up to 600 mph, which is very close to the speed of sound.

When flying, the Air Force One is already capable of reaching a total maximum altitude of up to 45,100 ft or roughly 8.5 miles in the sky. For comparison sake, a typical commercial airline usually just reaches 30,000 ft or roughly almost 5.7 miles.

Airforce One has been carrying the President through thick and thin. The Pentagon is pushing for a shift towards the future by looking towards a new Presidential Jet. 

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