NASA Warns Over 'Global Solar Minimum' Leading to 'Ice-Age Like' Events, Claims A New Cycle is Coming and Here's What it Means

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NASA has already been warning the world of a Grand Solar Minimum or GSM for the previous decade and they are saying that the sun could be in a whole GSM phase for about 10% to 30% of the entire time.

Despite the warnings, the modern Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) or human-caused dogma has been stopping the agency short of actually drawing a connection between both the reduced solar output and the "ice age" type weather.

The reported findings

According to, the sun's very own output is still not constant, despite what the IPCC would actually have you believe. According to them, its emissions are actually modulated by its own planets (Saturn, Earth, Jupiter, and Venus) due to the whole interacting gravitational effects, and also by other internal mechanisms.

NASA has also stated that it is actually able to predict certain sunspot numbers for the upcoming next cycle from the magnetic activity of the one and only sun hundreds of thousands of miles way below its surface.

For a good many years now, ever since maybe 2010, the agency has been believing that this whole deep activity is actually so weak that there might actually be quite a few sunspots in the very next solar cycle.

Helioseismology reports support

A particular Matt Penn and also William Livingston of the whole National Solar Observatory all predicted that by the time that the upcoming Solar Cycle 25 arrives, new magnetic fields on the sun itself will then be so weak that there will be a few sunspots to be formed. The independent lines of research that involve helioseismology as well as surface polar fields also tend to support this conclusion.

The sunspot activity during the known Grand Solar Minimum actually plays quite a significant role in the production of the extreme "ice-age" type of cold weather events located in the Northern Hemisphere. On the other hand, this also causes Arctic regions to become warmer at the very same time.


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NASA's findings

This all chimes with what is being seen today and this also neatly ties-in with the known NASA Maunder Minimum Temperature Reconstruction Map.

And this is also not to say that the actual Grand Solar Minimum will have no actual impact in the whole Southern Hemisphere, but there will still be a few issues. Water being a potential heat sink is one, and because of the known Southern Hemisphere being about 81% lakes and oceans, changes in the known heat energy from the sun will then have a lesser effect compared to the north which is about 61% water.

In addition, the known northern hemisphere actually has over double the land mass of the known southern hemisphere at about 30 degrees latitude resulting to more than 10 times at a certain 40 degrees and about 28 times the landmass of the whole southern hemisphere at about 50 degrees.

In conclusion, the modern Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) dogma stops NASA from connecting the dots of the reduced sunlight to particular "ice age" type events.

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