Meet the 'Tesla Kid' Silas Heineken, Providing the World with Gigafactory Berlin's Drone Shots, Soon a Neuralink Intern!

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The world is filled with influencers and content creators, focusing on their craft and sharing it upon the whole world. Recently, a 14-year-old teenager in Germany, Silas Heineken, gathered buzz, popularity, and a considerable subscriber count on YouTube for providing the world with Tesla's Gigafactory Berlin drone shots, showing its updates and progress. 'Tesla Kid' will also see Musk in the future with a promised internship in his company.

During Elon Musk's trip to Germany for a visit to CureVac, Musk also toured the country and went on places he has business in. Musk's primary concern is to push through and review the status of the partnership between Tesla and CureVac to create its unique RNA-based Coronavirus vaccine to help the world get back on its feet.

Once released, the vaccine would be a revolutionary take on the race to provide the world immunity as it utilizes ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules to fight off the virus. After Musk visited CureVac's facility, the CEO went to Berlin and visited the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin facility that is still under construction.

Elon Musk faced the press and engaged in interviews with reporters, and mingled with fans. Among the vast audience, Silas Heineken was waiting for Musk patiently, until a chance showed itself, allowing a short but meaningful conversation between the two.

Silas Heineken did not waste time with fanboying and admiring Elon Musk in the flesh; Instead, 'Tesla Kid' asked the CEO for an internship position on Neuralink to which Musk himself answered, "Yes, It's in California, but yes."

Here is the audio of me talking to him: — Tesla Kid Grünheide (@TeslaKidGiga4) September 2, 2020

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Meet Silas Heineken a.k.a. 'Tesla Kid Grünheide'

As he calls himself, Tesla Kid is from Grünheide (Mark), Germany, near the Gigafactory Berlin construction site. The 14-year-old kid was fascinated with Tesla's first European plant near his home; he decided to fly his drone to see the updates and, of course, give the world an 'insider' with the cutting-edged construction process.

Tesla Kid gains support from his father, who assists him by bringing him near Gigafactory's construction site and even the famed interview to meet the Tesla and SpaceX CEO during his September Germany trip.

Tesla Kid's Social Media Status

Silas Heineken is primarily based on Germany, who received a wide-audience on his YouTube Channel, Tesla Kid, with more than 14,400 subscribers up to date. Heineken first set up his YouTube account in May 2019 and has grown to have 735,834 views for all of his videos.

'Tesla Kid' gives the world high-quality 4K drone shots, which he shoots, flies, and edits. Silas Heineken also shares his videos and progress on Twitter (@TeslaKidGiga4). Twitter also saw Heineken's tweets, including screenshots and the audio clip from his famed interview with Elon Musk.

Silas Heineken's first video was uploaded seven months ago in February 2020 that showed the world the first changes in the famed Gigafactory Berlin. The breathtaking and high-quality video was loved by Tesla Fans and enthusiasts worldwide and received a whopping 111,000 views as of today.

Neuralink Internship and the future awaits Tesla Kid

Silas Heineken created a name for himself using his skills and talent as a drone pilot operator. Technology runs in 'Tesla Kid's veins as he aspired to go to Neuralink for an internship, learn more of the medical science, and get somehow close to his inspiration, Elon Musk.

According to Tesmanian, Silas Heineken would ask to write a formal letter addressed to Neuralink and Elon Musk to take the CEO's opportunity to him.

Heineken would travel to California on Easter 2021 and go under Neuralink's internship program to know more about the brain implant surgery and technology that the company proudly shares.

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