LOOK: Intel's New Logo Aims for Minimalism; Iconic Five-Note Signature Start-up Audio Says Good-Bye as Well

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One of Silicon Valley's most loved brands and American multinational technology company, Intel, refreshed their brand identity and looks, with new designs for their logo, accompanied by the release of the company's 11th generation CPU core chips. Intel's modern design and logo also say good-bye to their iconic five-note start-up audio that has been with the company for quite some time.

Semiconductor manufacturing company, Intel, revamps their branding after two years since their last change, marking up the entry of the company to a more sophisticated look and design. Intel still retains their iconic bright blue colors but goes with a more subtle logo design.


(Photo : Intel)
Intel Old Logo

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Intel's New Design

Intel released their new design on their Twitter page (@Intel) announcing the change in looks and branding. The Silicon Valley company claimed that their design is based on their past logos and identities that significantly contributed to where they are now. Intel said that their new design is a mark towards the future of the company and its 'transformative path' ahead.

Intel's new logo shows the brand name's letters and nothing more. The design also goes with a clear and basic design font that aims for minimalism and simplicity. This new design sets the company apart from their previous use of curvy fonts encased in an oblong-like shaped around the letters.

Fun fact: The dot of the "i" represents the potential and power of the Intel processor, the catalyst of what's inside. Cool, isn’t it? pic.twitter.com/nfiuzVAeBj — Intel (@intel) September 3, 2020

The tweet is followed by a "fun fact" stating that the company's dot on the letter "i" is a representation of the potential and power of every processor made by Intel.

Intel's iconic five-note start-up audio also bids farewell together with the old Intel logo; however, the company's new audio for Intel cores would come much later this year, promising a modernized sound.

Exciting Future Ahead for Intel


(Photo : Intel via YouTube Screenshot)

Intel's new design boasts of a "transformative path" ahead with the company's innovations and products that are made available to the public. Recently, the technology company revealed most of its new products along with the 11th generation Tiger Lake CPUs and successor of its Project Athena, now referred to as 'Intel Evo,' according to End Gadget.

Intel's 11th generation CPU chips are offered into two outputs of operating range: a 12 to 28-watt thermal profile and 7 to 14 watts. These operating ranges will give computer manufacturers a workable and supple platform to build their products around. Intel's 11th generation offers the quad-core i7-1185G7 that features the Intel Xe graphics to be the most robust CPU in the entire line-up. This processor is capable of giving a whopping 3 to 4.8 GHz to power all of the computer's functions.

Intel's Performance, Unmatched


(Photo : Intel via YouTube Screenshot)

This new update to the processor, that is native to Intel boasts of a 20 percent more CPU speed. Along with it is a doubled graphics improvement that is twice as much as the previous iteration.

Intel's Executive Vice President and GM Client Computing Group, Gregory Bryant, presented Intel's new processor boasting why the product produces unparalleled performance against its competitors. Intel's Xe graphics clock 59FPS, while competitors NVidia with 10th Gen MX350 clocked 50FPS, and AMD' Ryzen 4800U gave 31FPS only.

Intel comes more powerful than ever with their 'transformative path' and brand rebranding. The company hopes to deliver the best that they can offer with Intel's leading innovations in computer technology.

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