[Look] Here's How SpaceX Reusable Rockets Perfectly Land Safely

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The business model that SpaceX is built on is being able to manufacture reusable rockets in house to double the savings of a single rocket. Elon Musk originally designed SpaceX to deal with this problem. Back in the day, rockets were being built by assembling huge and expensive parts that came from different suppliers making them very costly. To top this off, none of the rockets were reusable making a single launch really expensive.

SpaceX was able to address this problem but it did not come so easily. In fact, the first few rockets that SpaceX launched turned out to be failures. The company was almost even bankrupt and only had room for one more launch which in turn saved them and got them a contract with NASA. All of their hopes were put into that last launch that saved the company and allowed them to become what they are today.

SpaceX's known projects with NASA and individually

Currently, SpaceX is handling multiple projects with NASA, like the recent IMAP mission that was awarded to them without much competition, and different trips to the ISS. Later on, Elon Musk wants to be able to finally send astronauts to Mars which is why they have been practicing and will continue practicing on the moon.

Other projects that SpaceX is handling is the Starlink project that aims to send thousands of low-orbit satellites into space in order to provide internet connection to places that either do not have access to the internet or have a very limited access to it. When Starlink is able to send the thousand more satellites into space, global connection will be most likely possible through the internet.

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The video that showed SpaceX's reusable rocket

If u weren't already impressed by @SpaceX landing rockets ... It's like dropping a pencil off of a skyscraper and landing it perfectly vertical on a coin laying on the sidewalk. @elonmusk pic.twitter.com/JYCwaUOA6Y — Pranay Pathole (@PPathole) September 27, 2020

A recent video uploaded to Twitter talks about just how underappreciated the SpaceX reusable rockets actually are. As seen in the video, the rocket is able to maintain a vertical orientation even after launch all the way until it stops at the designated retrieval pads that Elon Musk uses to catch the rockets when they land.

The brilliance of SpaceX does not stop when they finally launch a rocket or two in the sky, they happen when the rockets launch again and again for a few times in order to save everyone money. The retrieval process has not fully been utilized until Elon Musk's SpaceX as of recent.

It's quite easy to see just how well designed the rocket is within the video. Not only is the rocket built out of pretty sturdy material, the rocket was also programed to land exactly where Elon Musk and SpaceX wanted it to land making the retrieval process easier. There are still a lot of things to come for SpaceX and their reusable rockets are just a small side of the whole company.

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