LOOK: 18-Rotor Single Passenger 'Flying Car' Is Tested by US Air Force and May Soon Be Used as Military Standard

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The United States Air Force is seen demonstrating and "test driving" Lift Aircraft's single passenger 'flying car' called Hexa and believed to be soon joining the military's standard vehicle.

Lift Aircraft primarily aims its focus in developing electric vertical take-off and landing or eVTOL vehicles for ease of use, even available for people without licenses to use. Lift Aircraft's Hexa is an 18-rotor electric-manned vehicle capable of transporting an individual from one place to another.

US Air Force's Secretary Barbara Barret, Chief of Staff Charles Q. Brown, Jr., Chief Master Sergeant JoAnne S. Bass, and leaders from Texas' National Guard were present in the event, according to Electric VTOL News.

The US Air Force attended the manned demonstration of the 18-rotor flying car in the parade grounds of Camp Marbury, and some members even got to try Hexa for the first time last Thursday, August 20. Lift Aircraft, Inc.'s Founder and CEO, Matt Chasen, was also present and demonstrated the use of the electric vehicle.

The U.S. Air Force's senior leadership was doing a visit to the area's local branch of the AFWERX, the United States Air Force's program that focuses on innovations and creative works. AFWERX officially launched together with Agility Prime. Agility Prime is another USAF program that aims to utilize flying cars in the one to a two-seater, three to four-seater, and unmanned cargo categories to provide the military with vehicles concerning its logistic needs. 

We're making the experience of personal flying accessible to everyone - so simple and safe it doesn't even require a pilot's license. Join our waitlist to fly in your city starting in 2019: https://t.co/bdtK2o26xm. "LIFT Aircraft's Hexa may be your first drone ride" @TechCrunch pic.twitter.com/ihcyHloqFY — LIFT Aircraft Inc. (@LIFTAircraft) January 2, 2019

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United States Air Force's Agility Prime and Lift Aircraft

The United States Air Force's Agility Prime is a program that invites local companies to provide the military and USAF with transportation needs, particularly flying cars that can be used efficiently. According to Agility Prime Leader and AFWERX Director, Col. Nathan Diller, the demonstration is the first for USAF's Agility Prime program.

According to the United States Air Force, US Air Force Secretary Barbara Barret said Agility Prime's initiative is to equip the USAF with the aerospace phenomenon's flying cars by partnering with stakeholders, industries, and agencies.

Lift Aircraft's Hexa, a single-passenger eVTOL or 'flying car,' is the company's prototype in the 1-2 seater category to soon be used by the Air Force.

eVTOLs and Lift Aircraft's Hexa

Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing or eVTOLs are storming the market and industry today in the 'flying car' scene that is usually seen in Hollywood movies. The futuristic idea of the car is to efficiently transport a person or an object from one place to another.

Lift Aircraft's Hexa is an 18-rotor single passenger eVTOL vehicle currently in the market for preselling and testing. The product aims to deliver a simple mode of transportation with its single three-axis joystick equipped with a redundant autopilot computer that promises a smooth operation.

Hexa is equipped with an independent eighteen-motor system that powers the vehicle's propellers that ensures a stable and controlled flight. Its four perimeter floats also enable the vehicle to land and fly from water.

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