James Bond 007 $15 Million Real-Life Boat Converts to Submersible in Minutes

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A particular UK company has almost completed its construction of possibly the world's "most advanced surface subversive" that is capable of operating both on and also under the water. The "that sounds familiar" thought when reading about this convertible is due to the fact that it was actually a concept shown in a James Bond film.

Learn more about the James Bond 1977 dream come true

According to an article by Daily Mail, the VICTA craft, developed by a certain Hampshire-based company known as SubSea Craft, has been established with an over $15 million investment and is also said to be sold all across the world both for certain defence-oriented missions as well as an "advanced sub-aqua tourism" experience.

This particular craft has a huge similarity to the previous James Bond 007's sea-diving craft known as the Lotus Esprit back in the 1977 Bond film called "The Spy Who Loved Me." The craft was previously controlled by a certain two-man crew with the ability of carrying six additional commandos.

The vessel functions on lithium ion batteries while underwater

VICTA has revealed to be a Diesel powered engine on the water's surface and can reach a speed of about 40 knots over the wide range of 250 nautical miles. Beneath the water's surface, however, the craft functions with the use of lithium ion batteries.

Once the craft submerges, VICTA then uses a particular obstacle avoidance technology with the use of sonar waves in order to prevent it from bumping into anything underwater. The sonar system is also said to be able to produce a 3D impression of the known sea floor in order to assist operators both guide and navigate the entire vessel.

The submarine-boat convertible is said to be funded by a particular private investor. VICTA has also been designed for the use of the defence market along with special forces in mind. This includes even the Royal Navy.

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SubSea Craft, "that dream is now a reality"

SubSea Craft then stated as a caption on their Facebook post, throughout history, many commanders have only dreamed of there being a craft that is capable of traveling on the surface before it actually dives in order to approach a target that is unseen. It was stated that "that dream is now a reality."

All of the eight on-board crew members will be wearing diving gear due to the fact that the cockpit will flood once the vessel plunges. The VICTA actually combines different characteristics of a particular fast-moving surface craft with additional specialist submersible features that are able to deliver the divers in a "discreet" manner.

The "rapid transition" between both of the modes can happen in only a matter of minutes. This is enabled by a certain fly-by-wire control system along with a semi-automatic, computer regulated aircraft system that functions with an electronic interface.

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