Honestly, You're Only Going To Pass This A–Z Indian Geography Quiz If You're "The Smart Friend"

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Updated on 22 Sep 2020. Posted on 16 Sep 2020

Wait...which was the largest state in India?

— A —
Name The Capital Of The State Of Tripura:

— B —
This Trans-Boundary River Flows Through India, Tibet And Bangladesh:

— C —
This Is The Second-Largest City In The State Of Odisha:

— D —
Which River Was Once Known As The 'Sorrow Of Bengal'?

— E —
These Cave Temples, Dedicated To Lord Shiva, Are A UNESCO World Heritage Site:

— F —
What Was The Arun Jaitley Stadium In New Delhi Previously Known As?

Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium!

— G —
This Glacier Is One Of The Primary Sources Of The River Ganges:

— H —
This Ancient Town In Karnataka Has Temple Ruins From The Vijayanagara Empire:

— I —
Name The Third Largest Ocean In The World:

— J —
This State Has The Largest Coal Reserves In India:

— K —
Ernakulam Is The Central, Mainland Portion Of This City:

— L —
This North Indian City Used To Be The Seat Of Power Of The Nawabs:

— M —
This Is A 3.6 Kilometre Long, C-Shaped Promenade In South Mumbai:

— N —
This River Is Sometimes Called The Lifeline Of Madhya Pradesh And Gujarat

— O —
Which Resort Town Is Officially Known As Udhagamandalam?

— P —
The First Battle Of ____ Was Fought Between Babur And Ibrahim Lodi in 1526:

— Q —
This Minaret, Also Known As the 'Victory Tower' Is Situated In The Mehrauli Area Of New Delhi:

— R —
Name The Largest State In India In Terms Of Area:

— S —
This City Used To Be The Summer Capital Of British India:

— T —
This Is The Largest Desert In India:

— U —
This City Was the Former Capital Of The Mewar Kingdom:

— V —
Which City Is Also Known As Vizag?

— W —
This Mountain Range Is Also Known As The Sahyadri:

— Y —
This Sacred River Flows Through Delhi And Is One Of The Tributaries Of The River Ganges:

— Z —
This Is A Mountain Range In The Union Territory Of Ladakh:

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