Hard Legion, FaZe, paiN, MiBR and 37 Other CSGO Team Coaches Suspended After Allegedly Abusing the Spectator Bug

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Just recently, the ESIC has been able to pinpoint 37 different CSGO coaches of popular teams like MiBR, NiP, Heroic, FaZe, FURIA, Heretics, North, Hard Legion, paiN, among with other coaches have recently been getting heat for actually exploiting the "spectator bug". It was stated in a tweet by Rod Breslau the coaches that have been caught actually abusing the known bug have already been given suspensions or bans with some of their cases going all the way up to three years!

The post was accompanied with a picture with a statement that explained the matter further. As per the photo, upon investigation, it was found due to the identified evidence that the known Spectator Bug had actually previously been referred to the known admins of a variety of non-ESIC member tournaments all the way back in 2017.

the ESIC has implicated 37 CSGO coaches on teams MiBR, FaZe, NiP, FURIA, Heroic, North, Heretics, paiN, Hard Legion among others for exploitation of the spectator bug. coaches found to have abused the bug have been given suspensions/bans with some cases upto 3 years pic.twitter.com/uaZerCZyW3 — Rod Breslau (@Slasher) September 28, 2020

The inclusion of the post and what the final deduction was

It was stated that the ESIC was definitely unaware of how the particular reports were treated by the known non-members as they do not possess operational visibility of any particular actions that have been taken. According to the ESIC, they will not be giving any comments that relate to their prior reports of a specific Spectator Bug to the known tournament admins by certain individuals. It was stated that as a result of the recent investigations to date, ESIC has already issued certain sanctions against 37 different offending parties.

Although professional competitive gaming has definitely picked up during the past few months especially due to the whole COVID-19 increase in the number of players, the industry still conducts its business in a very professional setting and tries to make sure that CSGO is a place where people can play a fair game against other players during tournaments.

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CSGO's previous taste of different violations

Although CSGO has already sanctioned a few violators in the past, this is the first time that an offense of this scale has ever braised the known FPS game. The teams that were pinpointed were not just any teams as well, FaZe alone is already very popular along with the other teams that were mentioned in the post.

The 37 team coaches that have received sanctions won't be able to involve themselves in the games anymore. However, there has not yet been any clarification as to whether the team itself will also be banned to play CSGO. As of now, it is confirmed that the coaches will be suspended for up to three years but there has not been any announcement given as to the situation when it comes to the players.


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