Google Could be Facing an Antitrust Case by the End of September: Why?

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The highlight of this current year in terms of security is particular antitrust issues with a number of big tech companies. One of the biggest primary targets this year is actually Google!

According to a recent report coming from The New York Times, the whole United States Department of Justice is actually getting ready to issue an official antitrust case against Google itself!

The report states that the antitrust case could actually be rolling out sometime during the end of September, with a particular Attorney General William Barr pushing this case to its finalization as soon as possible.

What the report says

The Justice Department is currently planning to bring an official antitrust case against the company Google as soon as this month just after Attorney General William P. Barr recently overruled certain career lawyers that explained that there needs to be more time spent in building a case against a company that is part of the world's wealthiest and also most formidable tech companies, according to five different people briefed on the internal department's conversations.

The Justice Department officials already told the lawyers that are involved in the whole antitrust inquiry into Google's mother company Alphabet, to bring their work to a wrap by the end of this current month, reported by three anonymous sources.

Most of the whole 40-odd lawyers who had tirelessly been working on the whole investigation opposed the given deadline. Some have said that they will not even sign the given complaint while a number of them actually left the case during this summer.

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Google's move

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, was recently joined by other CEOS namely from Apple, Amazon, and even Facebook back on July 29 for a huge antitrust hearing that regards the four companies.

Although the biggest moves played out in the past were with regards to Facebook, Google could be looking at a pretty rough case depending on the findings and case argument of Attorney General William P. Barr.

There is a video on Reuters showing the whole meeting of the four powerful CEOs as they face Congress in the recent antitrust hearing. The video is 6 hours long and shows the full transparent hearing presented against these tech giants.

What is an antitrust case?

For those who are unfamiliar as to what exactly is an antitrust case, it is helpful to describe the antitrust laws first. The laws proscribe certain unlawful mergers and other business practices in the most general terms, these leave courts to decide as to which businesses are operating illegally based on the presented facts of every single case.

The courts have been applying the antitrust laws towards different changing markets all the way from the time that both horses and buggies were a thing and now up to this present digital age.

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