Gears of War Developer Cliff Bleszinski Previously of Epic Games Says Kingdom Hearts is "Dumb"!?

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A recent trend on Twitter promoting a personal opinion about video games that could raise a few eyebrows was picked up by Gears of War developer known as Cliff Bleszinski who gave a shocking retweet along with his two cents saying that "Kingdom Hearts is d**b".

This is a really shocking opinion due to the fact that Kingdom Hearts is argued by some to be one of the best earlier games that they started to play and love. The game also has a huge following and fanbase where a lot of people both followed the story and also emerged in the game's culture itself.

Kingdom Hearts is dumb. — Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) September 27, 2020

Who is Cliff Bleszinski and what was his previous work?

Cliff Bleszinski, on the other hand, does have quite an involvement in the mainstream video game industry being able to hop on certain big projects like the Gears of War. Bleszinski actually previously worked for Epic Games all the way from 1992 up to 2012. In 2014, he then founded his very own video game company called Boss Key Productions back in 2014.

One thing that a lot of people do not actually know about Cliff Bleszinski is that he was actually offered to work under Hideo Kojima himself who is the acting vice president of the Konami Digital Entertainment and is also responsible for creating another one of the arguably best games of all time that also helped shape the world of gaming, Silent Hill. According to Cliff, he was definitely flattered but still had to decline in order to focus on his Boss Key Productions.

Although Boss Key Productions was doing okay, they had to close back in 2018 and after the closure of Bleszinski's company, he then got himself involved with something quite unexpected, theater production. He actually invested and also co-produced Hadestown, and also plans to get himself involved with the known Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune.

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What is Cliff Bleszinski doing today?

Currently, he is also trying to publish his very own memoir about the gaming career that he's worked with and trying to compare his work with Anthony Bourdain's popular Kitchen Confidential. He has also been expressing his interest to come back to the whole Gears of War series as a particular advisor.

Some things that a lot of people do not know about Cliff is that he is also a professional gamer himself and used to be an ID Softeware employee. Cliff's brother, Tyler Bleszinski, was actually the founder of the known Polygon sister site as well as Vox Media progenitor SB Nation. Cliff's father previously passed away when he was only 15 and worked as an engineer for the popular Polaroid.


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