Forget Giga! Tesla's Terafactory Texas Will be The Most Ambitious Diamond Facility with 'Semi' Truck-wide Roads to Move Load

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  ( Whole Mars Catalog via Twitter (@WholeMarsBlog) )

The world's most renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, reveals its plans of the up and coming Terafactory Texas that would be the most ambitious and massive facility of the company. Terafactory Texas would have three different buildings with open spaces wide enough to accommodate Tesla Semi Trucks to deliver and move loads.

Tesla's eccentric and social-media savvy CEO, Elon Musk, answers questions on Twitter about the Terafactory Texas' new plans that show its design, plans, and size. Tesla's most ambitious facility will house its most significant production yet, once its done, and give the world a new breed of American-made electric vehicles, as promised by Elon Musk.


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Elon Musk is yet again on the social media platform, Twitter (@elonmusk), to answer fans' questions and queries about various information and details on innovations on Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and more. The CEO answers almost every question which confirms most of the company's releases and plans.

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Terafactory Texas' Plans as Confirmed on Twitter

Tesla moves past its ambitions and Gigafactory with the new plans of the company with Terafactory Texas. This factory will take a different path compared to its elders, the Gigafactory, with the new facility to be located real close to a city.

Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog) recently tweeted a photo about the Terafactory's floor plans that shows three buildings housed inside the diamond-shaped facility that resembles the Gigafactories spread throughout the world.

There’ll be lots of green space around factory, but building itself is continuous. The “open” areas inside are covered. They’re internal semi truck roads inside a giant monolithic building. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 20, 2020

Inside the factory and in-between the buildings, there will be the 'open green space' which fascinated and intrigued fans and its huge following. Elon Musk confirms the 'open green space' to be roads and pathways wide enough to accommodate its very own, Tesla Semi Truck, an all-electric vehicle capable of delivering massive loads.

The massive monolith design of the Terafactory would have its every inch covered, even the roads that the Tesla Semi will pass through. Elon Musk describes this as a 'continuous' design and will complement the 'ecological paradise' as Whole Mars Catalog dubs it.

Tesla Semi To Move Terafactory's Needs

After the series of exchanges from the Tesla CEO and Whole Mars, the latter again tweeted to Elon Musk to ask and confirm if Tesla Semi Trucks would be used inside the facility. Elon Musk confirms the tweet by responding a simple 'Yes' reply.

Yes — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 20, 2020

Terafactory's needs, from spare parts and components, along with batteries and accessories of Tesla's electric vehicles and innovations will be transported and moved by the Tesla Semi within the factory. This means that the Terafactory would look like a distribution facility with its very own cargo trucks, going all-electric.


(Photo : Tesla)

Tesla's massive Terafactory Texas located in Austin is still under construction, the cutting-edged construction techniques by the company's engineers that optimistically targets an early production finish for the facility. Terafactory Texas would register 3,722,612,5 square feet on its three buildings, almost double the size of the 1.9 million square feet space of the Tesla Factory on Fremont, California.

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