Ford 'Project Apollo': From Car Production to Virus Prevention

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Ford, one of the most famous car brands in America, is now expected to make at least 100 million face masks. This is still part of the company's 'Project Apollo,' which creates quality ventilators, face shields, and other COVID-19 necessities. From car production to COVID-19 prevention.

Ford steps up its game against COVID-19

Ford is Now Making 100 Million Masks And That's Not All

(Photo : Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash )
Ford is Now Making 100 Million Masks And That's Not All

When the pandemic started, the United States government asked private companies to focus on helping the country against the spread of COVID-19.

Through producing face masks, face shields, or even medical ventilators, the government reached its goal of providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for most people in need.

Ford is one of these companies. They named the project 'Project Apollo,' wherein Ford employees were tasked to produce 50,000 medical ventilators. So far, the project is about to have its last production days as the quota is already near its end.

But that is not the end for the Project Apollo. It turns out that Ford will shift its attention to creating another in-demand PPE item amid pandemic: face masks.

As CNET reported, the car brand is planning to produce at least 100 million face masks as added to its current production of the face-covering item.

"As the pandemic continues, so does the spirit, grit, and dedication of our Ford team and UAW partners to step up and contribute to help our country," said Jim Hackett, Ford's CEO, in a statement. "Working together, we're setting a goal of producing 100 million masks for families, children, individuals and communities who need them most."

Once the production for the 50,000th ventilator is finished, the face mask production will begin immediately, according to the CEO.

It is expected to begin in 2021 towards its target pace of 2.5 million medical-grade masks per week.

So far, the company has already produced more than 45 million face masks, 20 million face shields, 50,000 ventilators, 32,000 purifying respirators, and 1.4 million washable gowns.

Ford celebrates success with a short docu film called On the Line

Ford is Now Making 100 Million Masks And That's Not All

(Photo : Photo by Jeremy Chen on Unsplash )
Ford is Now Making 100 Million Masks And That's Not All

To celebrate the Project Apollo's huge success, the company released a new short documentary film by award-winning director Peter Berg titled "On the Line."

It shows how the Project Apollo team, from engineers to workers, came up to built thousands of PPEs for the people in need amid the pandemic.

"Just weeks into the virus, with most people sheltering at home and so many lives on the line, the duty and sacrifice shown by the Ford team and UAW to put aside their personal concerns and go to work to provide what the country needed to represent the absolute best of our country," said Berg.

'On the Line' commemorates those heroic efforts and shows that no matter what challenges we may face, when we come together, we can do great things," he added.

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