Elon Musk Likes Tweet Calling Him a Hypocrite for "Launching Rockets While Selling Green Cars"

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Elon Musk is one of the most active CEOs on Twitter and although he does not always send out a Tweet, you can see his activity retweeting, replying, or maybe even just liking certain material about him. A recent tweet sent out by Everyday Astronaut caught the attention of Elon Musk by tagging him in the tweet itself.

I'm not sure why I'm seeing it come up so often again, but LOTS of people are saying how much rockets pollute, how bad are they for the environment & how big of a hypocrite @elonmusk is for launching rockets while selling green cars... maybe watch this https://t.co/MMserbJK1i — Everyday Astronaut (@Erdayastronaut) September 6, 2020

What did the tweet say?

The tweet was meant to explain just how harmful rockets are to the environment and with the tweet was attached a video to a YouTube video that talks about just how harmful rockets are to the environment.

Although at first glance it could seem like the tweet was made to attack Elon Musk, the SpaceX CEO has actually been a supporter of this Twitter page and if you scroll down Everyday Astronaut and check out the other tweets, you'll find that Musk has also liked other tweets by this page.

The tweet also started off with "a lot of people have been saying" then elaborating the concerns of rocket pollution and Elon Musk. The suggestion was to check out the video linked to the tweet.

The YouTube video

The video that the tweet links to is a 55-minute video trying to explain how much pollution actually comes out from Rockets. The video really tackles a few meaningful questions when it comes to rockets just like what actually comes out of a rocket and how much of what is found actually comes out.

The video also elaborately looks at different types of engines to see if the equation changes. This is also paired with taking a closer look at different fuels and how they affect both the rocket and the pollution it emits.

The video also delves into the question as to whether or not SpaceX's very own proposed point to point Starship transportation within Earth could potentially replace jetliners in the future. The point of the video is to find out the answers for all of these questions begging the question if this would actually be an improvement or turn out to be a massive step backwards when it comes to emissions.

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Elon Musk's success

The puzzling question about Elon Musk's priorities can be found out by watching and finishing the video. When it comes to most industries, although Amazon, Musk's companies, and even Apple are moving towards green energy, one industry still has a problem adjusting to these changes, the space industry.

As of now, fossil fuels are used to launch rockets and there hasn't been a discovered replacement as of the moment. Musk has really big plans like providing really good worldwide internet connection with Starlink and also later on sending human beings to Mars.

The eccentric billionaire seems to be more than just a big tech CEO but rather a person looking towards humanity's advancement. The question is, what are Elon Musk's priorities?

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