Elon Musk Hosts a Lottery Event in Tesla's Battery Day— Whoever Wins, Gets This

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Tesla's 'Battery Day' or battery presentation is scheduled few weeks from now. This grandest event of the car manufacturing company, led by Elon Musk, is an annual meeting of all stockholders. Of course, since its still pandemic, the capacity of the attendees are still on a mark. To know which person to invite, Elon proposed an idea.

Elon Musk conducts lottery event!

Elon Musk Hosts a Lottery Event in the Battery Day— Whoever Wins, Gets This

(Photo : REUTERS/Aly Song)
Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk speaks at an opening ceremony for Tesla China-made Model Y program in Shanghai, China January 7, 2020.

On Monday, Aug. 24, Business Insider reported that tech billionaire Elon Musk will be conducting a lottery event amid its upcoming 'Battery Day,' and annual shareholder presentation.

These event will both take place on Sept. 22 somewhere in California. Since the pandemic is still here, Tesla is prohibited to conduct a huge gathering for its stockholders. The solution? Lottery event!

Both events will be live-streamed to the public. Tesla, however, "believes that the best stockholder experience is a fully in-person annual meeting open to all stockholders," but it does assures "Continuing public health and travel-related requirements and advisories have necessitated a unique format for the 2020 Annual Meeting."

The random drawing was not explained by Elon through his announcement. At the same time, he did not detail how many of their stockholders would be there in the event.

All the invited guests will be conducting "robust health control measures," in order to make sure the safety of all attendees. 

Though there may be a number of attendees, as the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not have specific number for accepted large gatherings.

What is this 'Battery day'?

Elon Musk Hosts a Lottery Event in the Battery Day— Whoever Wins, Gets This

(Photo : REUTERS/Yuya Shino)
A Panasonic Corp's lithium-ion battery is pictured with the Tesla Motors logo during a photo opportunity at the Panasonic Center in Tokyo, Japan, November 19, 2013.

The battery presentation is one of the much-awaited annual events of the company. This event highlights the future developments of Tesla cars.

"The real limitation on Tesla growth is cell production at an affordable price," Musk told investors on a July call. "That's the real limit. We expect to expand our business with Panasonic, with CATL, with LG, possibly with others. And there's a lot more to say on that front on Battery Day," said Elon in July. 

Teslarati mentioned on Aug. 12, that Elon had its cryptic tweets from the past, kindly referring to the new Plaid Model S or Model X being first introduced in the said event. But no one really knows an update on this one.

I was trying to channel Herb Tarlek from WKRP https://t.co/0RC72S0ZAY — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 11, 2020

Meanwhile, on another report from Teslarati, they mentioned that the company's pilot battery production line is now already near its completion, based on a leaked video of its Tesla's Kato Road facilities.

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