Elon Musk Admits He is Scared of Google as He Calls Deepmind's Digital Superintelligence an 'Unintentional Trojan Horse'

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In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, Elon Musk elaborated the works of AI giving a little bit more information about Neuralink and revealing what his biggest fear was. Google! Elon Musk is usually not one to fret away with the cutting edge next level technological innovation but it seems like he does not agree with.

Have you ever heard about DeepMind?

DeepMind is an AI that was purchased by Google with one goal in life and that is to constantly evolve and learn. The supercomputer is said to be able to learn at a rate much faster than humanly possible.

DeepMind is capable of quite a selection of things like navigation, learning games, and basically growing at an extremely rapid rate. Google uses DeepMind in order to help them predict certain moves that their users are going to do before doing it. One way Google uses DeepMind is when you type a certain text, DeepMind then provides you with possible related texts.

DeepMind was described to win at any particular game playing them at superspeed and at superhuman abilities.

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Why is Elon Musk afraid of DeepMind?

Elon Musk expressed that this AI already has administrator's access to all of Google's servers in order to optimize the energy usage of the data centers. Although this is a great benefit for Google, the tech CEO expresses just how this could be harmful.

According to his statement, DeepMind could potentially become an unintentional Trojan Horse. With that much access to Google's data system, it would not be hard for DeepMind to take control of it completely. Elon Musk stresses out that "this means they can do anything."

Elon Musk admits that we are all moving towards an era of digital superintelligence calling this "obvious." This chilling statement was said with a stern face and a serious tone. You can see in the video the type of expressions that Musk gives off.

Is AI really evil?

Elon Musk explains that AI does not necessarily have to be evil in order to destroy humanity. The Neuralink CEO explained that if AI has a particular goal and humanity stands in the way, this could react in the AI destroying humanity as a matter of course.

This means that for AI to destroy humanity, all that needs to happen is humanity becoming a hindrance to the AI's main goal. The type of analogy Elon Musk gives is like when people build a road and an anthill just so happens to be in the way, "we don't hate ants" Elon Musk explained following up with "we're just building a road." The statement ends with "goodbye anthill" and explains that an AI could destroy humanity as a means to accomplish a goal instead of destruction actually being a goal.

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