[Confirmed] The PlayStation 5 Beats the Xbox Series X in Size: How About in Performance?

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The known PlayStation 5 is coming in and it's coming in hot! Of course, this would mean that not only is the PlayStation coming in but also Sony's competitor Microsoft's Xbox Series X. Just recently, both PlayStation and Xbox released the prices for the upcoming consoles but the sizes haven't been released yet.

In a recent leak that happened in Taiwan's very own National Communications Commission, certain photos of the upcoming PS5 were published showing the estimated size of the upcoming console and to much surprise, the console is really really big.


The real-life illustration of the PlayStation 5

A certain illustrator as well as 3D modeller known as keisawada did quite a few mock-ups of the upcoming PS5 in order to show people just how massive the console is actually going to be in comparison to all the other consoles.

For those that think that Sony did this to flex the PlayStation as actually better than the Xbox, well, this really isn't the case. In fact, there's actually a more practical reason as to why the console is huge in size.

The console is built of a massive size in order to handle better cooling mechanisms and provide better graphics in the fastest time possible. All the way back in June, a certain Matt MacLaurin, the known vice president of UX Design over at PlayStation posted a recent statement in LinkedIn saying that the PS5 actually runs much hotter than a KFC Zinger Wing meal.

The console's production challenges

The PlayStation 5 is said to be coming out in November which is not far from this date. Despite the delays due to the ongoing pandemic, both Sony and Microsoft have been able to adjust in terms of manufacturing.

This proved really hard when the coronavirus first broke out since both companies had certain parts manufactured in China. Despite the huge adjustment, they were both able to develop their next-generation console and are both going to launch them this year. It's almost the end of 2020 and both companies have been doing their best to push through with the manufacturing of both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

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The upcoming PlayStation 5 won't make gamers wait until next year

The size of the PlayStation 5 allows it a more powerful performance but at their price point, the Xbox is still pretty competitive. The Xbox Series S is also coming up soon and it is priced $200 cheaper in comparison to the PlayStation 5.

The bad news, however, is that the PlayStation 5 won't support games for the PlayStation 3 and below. This means that gamers will only be able to play PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games on the new console.

The ultimate question for gamers still remain, will you pick the PlayStation or the Xbox?

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