[Confirmed] SpaceX Next Falcon 9 Launch of GPS III Space Vehicle 04 Will Be on September 30: Netizens Scramble Over Lack of Details

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A recent Tweet by SpaceX revealed the launch day for the known Falcon 9 GPS III Space Vehicle 04 and although this comes as exciting news, the reaction that the Tweet received was mixed due to the lack of details provided about this launch. The tweet missed giving the exact time of the launch as well as the site of the launch which SpaceX enthusiasts were pointing out that they couldn't sleep not knowing the actual time and place of the launch.

Regularly, SpaceX usually gives the complete details but, in this situation, it seems like SpaceX missed a few key details which people would deem quite necessary especially if it is talking about a launch. There has not yet been follow up details released regarding the upcoming Falcon 9 GPS III Space Vehicle 04 Launch except that it is on September 30.

Now targeting Wednesday, September 30 for Falcon 9's launch of GPS III Space Vehicle 04 for improved launch and recovery weather — SpaceX (@SpaceX) September 29, 2020

SpaceX's previous work and upcoming plans with Starlink

SpaceX has been doing a lot of busy work lately aside from their work with NASA by sending the astronauts to the ISS and also working towards reaching the moon, SpaceX has been working closely with Starlink to send hundreds to thousands of satellites into space in order to fulfill Starlink's main goal of providing worldwide satellite-internet communication on a much bigger scale.

Starlink aims to send about 14,000 low-orbital satellites into space in order to provide a global broadband connection to those places that either do not have internet connection at all or have really unreliable internet connection.

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Just like in the Philippines which has the most expensive but still very unreliable internet connection in Asia, Starlink aims to target places that desperately need better internet connection. Not just around the globe, but also in the United States itself. It may be hard to believe that some places in the US are suffering from poor connection but there are a few places that only get a couple of Kbps instead of Mbps. Imagine that!

Being able to provide to a global audience allows the playing field to be evened out and can make things very profitable for Starlink since they are able to supply internet connection not just to the United States but also to other places around the world.

SpaceX's other plans aside from Mars and its work with Starlink

SpaceX is also reportedly working with NASA on trying to get to the "golden asteroid" which is an asteroid that apparently has a huge gold deposits within it by the year 2022. This could instantly make SpaceX one of the richest companies ever with the gold having an estimated value of $700 quintillion. Of course, the gold value would drop down should a great supply be introduced to the whole market.

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