China Bans Seafood from Indonesia After Product Packaging Testing COVID-19 Positive

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A recent Indonesian seafood exporter has just been added to the list of companies that China has recently slapped with an import ban after discovering that their product packaging actually tested positive for the known coronavirus.

The country has then resulted into halting the imports of these known aquatic products from the PT Putri Indah for about a week after they have recently found certain coronavirus particles latched on the packaging of a particular frozen hairtail.

Coronavirus particles were found by customs

The report regarding the coronavirus particles was given by the customs office in a recent statement. The company is said to be based somewhere in North Sumatra and failed to give immediate response to certain requests for comment by either text or by phone.

The Chinese authorities have been directing their investigation towards imported seafood, meat, packaging, and even containers as they might be a potential source of COVID-19 ever since June after they were repeatedly able to find certain traces of the known pathogen.

The underlying risk

Still, there are only about six of the total 500,000 samples that came back with a positive result for the coronavirus according to customs some time earlier this month. The country has already previously banned certain imports of different products that include frozen meat, Brazilian chicken wing, and even Ecuadorian shrimps after they had following positive tests.

Although the US FDA or Food and Drug Administration has already claimed that there are actually no existing evidence that the COVID-19 can be transmitted through either food or on certain food packaging, the different Chinese researchers have still found the coronavirus on certain chilled salmon that might actually be infectious for over a week.

Previously guarded viruses

Caution has gone up all around the world and although it previously used to be ASF or African Swine Flu which is although not deadly to humans but could be deadly to other pigs, the tides have turned and everyone is on the lookout for signs of the coronavirus.

Aside from just ASF, customs also had to deal with Bird Flu which is transmitted through birds oftentimes chicken which could potentially be harmful but not necessarily fatal. Since it is the coronavirus that is being talked about, customs have increased their vigilance in trying to bar any possible health risk inside their country.

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Indonesia's involvement in seafood

Indonesia is also very popular for their seafood and have been shipping worldwide long before the pandemic came around. The ties between the Chinese and Inonesian exports have not yet been defined but with the recent ban on seafoods from Indonesia, a huge chunk of their customers have been cut and they would have to find another place to supply to.

Although it was stated that it might be infectious for over a week, there are still no updates as to the definitive plans of the Chinese ban towards Indonesian seafood.

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