Australian Student Allegedly Cracked the Mathematics Behind Time-Travel Paradox: "What Would Have Happened if You Stopped the Coronavirus?"

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When it comes to time-traveling, there are a lot of inconsistencies that can come to mind and the questions seem to be piling up one after another. Although the possibility of time-travel is arguable amongst many scientists, what would happen should we as human beings be able to travel back in time?

Ever since the coronavirus happened, a lot of people have been sharing their own sentiments and it is widely agreed upon that if there was a chance to stop the coronavirus before it happened, it should have been stopped. This then points people to ask a philosophical question related to the coronavirus, would you have stopped it if you could travel in time?

The presented theory about the change the time-travel paradox

IGN reported in a video on their Twitter page that a certain Australian student was allegedly able to crack down the mathematics behind the whole time-travel paradox. The student then decided to use the coronavirus as an example of a time-travel paradox that presented a pretty convincing argument.

According to the Australian student, if somebody could go back in time to stop patient zero of the coronavirus, it would still not work. The student then explained that if time-travel did happen and a person did go back in time to stop patient zero, that person would them become patient zero themselves resulting in the exact same thing.

A student in Australia believes he has solved the theoretical issue of paradoxes in time travel. — IGN (@IGN) September 29, 2020

The philosophical concept and what others think as well

This concept has been widely revolving around the philosophy that things were meant to happen or otherwise known as fate. For some people, things that happen in our lives are totally random and do not follow a singular line or narration. For others, they believe that everything that happens was always meant to happen from the start.

As for the time-travel paradox, when presented with the question if you would be able to change history if you time-traveled and did something differently, although the popular Back to The Future show made it seem like it was an absolute, the Australian student believes that it is not.

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Other additional questions should the Australian student be correct

Although there are still a lot of theories that can be added to the whole time-travel paradox, the argument by the Australian student still sounds quite convincing and also very much possible but of course, there is no way to validate its authenticity unless of course, time-travel were to become possible.

There are a lot of follow up questions to this theory like if everything was changed by someone who was able to time-travel, would we retain the memories of what has happened or would we wake up one day in a world where everything has changed? Would we go back in time as well and individually live our own lives without the alteration of history? These are amongst other follow up questions to this theory.

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