'Among Us 2' Cancelled!—Developer Innersloth to Focus on Improving Hit Mafia-game and Integrating All Changes to Existing Game

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The pandemic and quarantine got people to try different activities and games that would be interesting and fun for most people. This is the case of Innersloth's 2018 mobile game, 'Among Us,' a hit mafia-game who recently became popular and grossed on its downloads from applications stores, Google Play, and Apple App Store.

Indeed, 'Among Us' players saw the developer, Innersloth's, message to fans and players as the game loads. This announcement relays the message of the developer's intent on releasing a sequel to the hit game for the coming years, bringing 'Among Us' to a whole new level with new maps, levels, challenges, tasks, and even gameplay for both impostors and workers.

Innersloth's developers recently released a blog post regarding the future of Among Us in the coming months and years, particularly about the game's planned and supposed sequel for next year. Here, the developers from Innersloth revealed what the executives have planned and decided on for the game.


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According to the blog, several questions arose to te discuss the game's future, with developers seemingly questioning, "When do we stop working on Among Us 1?". This question seems like a hard-hitting topic for the developers, which led them to conclude that the original Among Us game will remain, leaving behind the proposed and planned sequel for the coming years.

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Among Us Will Prevail! Good-bye Among Us 2, Why?

Among Us

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While some developers may opt and choose to go forward with a new game and altogether leaving behind the original or older version, Innersloth took a different turn that shows its high regard for the initial version that brought worldwide success right on their doorstep.

The hit Mafia-style game has been around for two years now, with only a handful players on its initial release before seeing a mainstream and complete welcome from the public. Thus, Among Us ignored its coding, servers, and the gameplay, all being questioned by users worldwide.

The proposed Among Us 2 Sequel is ideal for the developers because of the codebase of the initial release being so outdated and not applicable to withstand several additions and updates. However, despite the promising performance of a new game, Innersloth decided to go with nostalgia and the public's reception and support with the old and original release.

What will Among Us' Updates and Rework Entail?

Among Us

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The developers canceled Among Us 2, promising a better, improved, and enhanced original game. Among Us 1's rework release is still unconfirmed by Innersloth, but the developers say that they are working on the game as of now.

Several of the updates for Among Us 1, replacing the sequel, includes:


Among Us faced massive complaints and reports about its servers that, at times, cannot accommodate the volume and surge of people playing the game. Forte, its partner company that manages the servers, still does not have an estimated time to announce the game's enhanced server systems. 

Colorblind Support

This feature will soon be available on the game with Innersloth promising and committing themselves to deliver Colorblind support soon. Several more identifiers will help people despite their hardship in distinguishing colors. 

Friends/Account System

According to the developers, Friends, and Account System, another' overdue' feature will help the game retain more information and team-up with friends even without the room codes.

New Stage

Among Us is built on several stages that give different maps, challenges, and tasks for the dispute over impostors and workers. New locations will provide new opportunities and progression to the game's plot and trajectory.

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