18 Ways That You Can Actively Support The Black Community No Matter Where You're From

4 months ago 13

Other ways you can continue to show your support:

✨ There are lots of great social pages that you can follow to increase your knowledge – e.g. @seasonedbf, @hellamelanin, cocoabutter, and galdemzine, who find a balance between spreading positivity and highlighting important race issues.

✨ Show your support and solidarity through liking, sharing, and posting information as it comes your way – you never know who might benefit from seeing it!

✨ Support black artists and creators and give them credit where it’s due – especially if you’re sharing their work as a means to get across a message that probably means a lot to them.

✨ Protest – safely – if you’re able to!

✨ And if you’re not able to then you can show your solidarity by kneeling at home and posting it on social media to spread the message.

✨ If you don’t feel informed enough to take a stance on racial issues then you can educate yourself – these books are a great place to start.

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